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New Council Members Take Oath

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Incoming council members Jason Sanders, Tom Merrill, Larry Countryman, Linda Redmon, and Steve Dana were sworn in by City attorney Grant Weed at the December 5, 2017 Council Meeting. Council members Merrill, Countryman, Redmon, and Dana will begin their four year terms on January 1, 2018. Council member Jason Sanders began his term immediately since he was filling a previously appointed position. It will be council member Merrill and Redmon's first time serving on the Council. Council member Dana previously served from 1990-1997 and council member Countryman previously served 2004-2007.

Students meet candidates

Larry Countryman
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An estimated 300 people - mostly high school seniors — listened to local candidates and party leaders pitch their causes and positions at a Saturday morning breakfast gathering in the Snohomish High School Commons Sept 30.

"Democracy is alive and well in Snohomish," said Snohomish High's principal Eric Cahan, who welcomed students and a few comm-unity members, and then led them in the Pledge of Allegiance.

More than one dozen candidates, plus represent-atives for the Snoho-mish County Democrats and Republicans, and spokespeople for and against a city measure on retail marijuana, addressed the attendees.

The students must work four hours for a political campaign, said AP govern-ment teacher Sean Brix; they received one hour of credit just for attending the breakfast. They could also sign up for campaign work while there.

Making our City Transparent

Larry Countryman
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The citizens of Snohomish voted to elect a strong mayor system of government. I am running for City Council because I want to be be involved in the transition in making our city government transparent, open and accountable. I want to keep the charm, character, and beauty of the City of Snohomish.

We have some of the highest water and sewer costs in the state. I will work to find ways to lower the costs of living and work for better representation for the citizens of Snohomish. By having a strong mayor, the council can be more transparent and responsible to the residents and will provide government that is more open. I believe I can be an effective voice as part of this change. My past experience on the council helped to establish the historic districts in Snohomish, as well as promoting the Highway 2 bypass around the city—both significant to keeping the charm of the City of Snohomish today.

As a builder, I have restored numerous historical homes and most recently, the renovation of my building on Maple Avenue keeping the character of the City.

If you want to keep the charm, character and beauty of the City of Snohomish, vote…